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We've helped numerous Pilots with their home loan needs

"These guys are great. I’ve done a loan with Nick and he is professional and knows his stuff. He helped me every step of the way and got my loan done on our target date. This is a great program that I will recommend to all my copilots, especially the new ones just getting their careers underway." Russell M. - Captain: Delta Airlines

"Just closed on my refi loan. Excellent fixed rate and no PMI. Highly recommend." Tom I. - Dumont Aviation

"My name is Glenn and I’m a Captain for JetBlue. Being in this business leads to complicated paystubs and intricate employment verification methods which don’t match up to how we truly get compensated. Having said such, I picked a bank (recommended by my real estate agent but to no fault of her own) and they steered me down a path that not only was inaccurate in all of their findings but almost led my wife and I to lose the house of our dreams. I then had to make a quick decision or else we would have sold our present home and would’ve been living in an apartment (if anyone would rent to us) with a handful of cats and a dog! So, I turned to the internet and simply researched banks/loan officers who deal with airline professionals. Nick Dawson came up with a webpage explaining his expertise. Skeptical at first because after closing on 2 homes prior with the same issues I simply thought that was it…it’s just a profession that nobody gets!

I was wrong…VERY wrong. Nick and his team deliver. Period. There was constant communication every step of the way and a COMPLETE understanding of how pilots/flight attendants (my wife) get paid. There wasn’t ANY confusion or hiccup along the way and that’s the truth. This man and his team closed this loan in 16 days as opposed to my loan being suspended by the other bank after 50 days (because they couldn’t understand how I get paid). Yes, you read that right. Practically 2 weeks and done. Don’t waste your valuable time with a bank/loan officer giving you the “yes” treatment when all they do is say we are all set but yet ask for more and more. We’ve all been down that treacherous path…

If you are an airline professional, whether a pilot or flight attendant your decision of who to use for your financing must stop here. Choose Nick Dawson and his team to fulfill your mortgage request and get that home with zero grief from pre-approval to closing. I’m in NY and he’s out of California so some may be skeptical of this. I wasn’t as I was desperate and did it matter? NOT ONE BIT. Location means nothing as everything is electronic and couple that with the hard-cold fact that this man is on point and delivers. An OUTSTANDING experience as Nick put out all the fires with the previous debacle and because of him my wife and I (and animals) have the house of our dreams (and at a great rate!!). Perfect performance all around and please, don’t do yourself a disservice by choosing any other loan professional other than Nick Dawson" Glenn - Captain: JetBlue

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